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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 26, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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through a new york tunnel with 60 pounds of gear strapped from the world trad center. he died that day. but each year hundreds pay tribute to him and others replacing his steps from the tunnel to tower run and helps severely wounded warriors. you can register or donate. here is shepard smith. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b" today. the last time, possibly, that guy, mahmoud ahmadinejad, enters the united states. ever. it is likely the iranian's president final speech to the u.n. attacking the united states and railed on israel calling its people "uncivilized." this is the holiest jewish holiday of the year. both presidential nominees crossing paths in ohio today. voters in ohio cast ballots in days. we will look at the poll that shows a candidate leading well outside the margin of error.
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the rising cost to stay in touch. smartphones can be expensive. we know that. just wait until you hear how much they are cutting into a lot of family budgets. that is all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, the iranian president, ahmadinejad, today delivered what could be the last antiisraeli american and antiisraeli ranting in front of the u.n. the american delegation did not walk out. the american delegation never even showed up. they were out before he took the podium. the president, ahmadinejad, has less than a year left in the second and final term. the united states and israel have accuseddive ran of working toward a nuclear bomb. inspectors have questioned claims that the enrichment activists are for peaceful purposes. ahmadinejad said the israelis were uncivilized zionists.
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>> the pledge to disclose armaments in due time is being used as a threat against nations to get them to accept a new era of continued threats while the uncivilized zionists to resort to military action against our great nation is a clear average of this reality. >>shepard: as i reported the american delegation boycotted the speech along with the israeli delegates which decided not to hear the iranian president on john yom kippur, te most holy day of the jewish calendar. >> he again used the trip to the united nations not to address the legitimate aspirations of the iranian people, but, instead, spout paranoid theories and repulsive slurs against israelis according to the
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mission to the u.n., the special spokesman. more subdued this year than last year. >>jonathan: given this is his last speech as president of iran and the rhetoric we have heard all week, a lot people would have expected far more fired up president mahmoud ahmadinejad to take to the podium at the general assembly today. that is not to say he did not go after the usual targets, israel and the united states. he again referred to the government of israel as "a fake government." as for the united stateses he said it's "world domination" is at the root of all the wore's -- world's time. it is time for a new world order in his view. listen to him speaking. (inaudible). >> the bitterness of history is due to the wrong management of
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the world and the self-proclaimed leader whose have entrusted themselves to the devil. >>jonathan: now, president ahmadinejad will leave the united states for what may well be the last time. he will do that aboard an iran air jet which, interestingly, has been stored at joint base andrews outside of washington, dc, all week, for security reasons. >>shepard: the new egyptian president morsi spoke, as well. >>jonathan: as president ahmadinejad made the last week, so did the new egyptian president morsi, picking up the antiisraeli baton from president mahmoud ahmadinejad, saying israel should end occupation and settlement. he criticized the american free speech laws that allowed the antiislamic video to be made here in the united states.
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he also completely reflected and echoed language we have heard again and again from u.s. officials on syria, saying the civil war there must end and the regime of bashar al-assad must step aside. listen. >> after this regime, the current regime, comes to an end, the regime that kills its people, day and night, after this regime comes to an end, the syrian people will choose with their own free will a regime that represents and places syria in its right place among democratic countries. >>jonathan: almost every world leader who has spoken this week has put a focus on the civil war in syria. very few of them seem to have any concrete ideas on how to end that civil war right now. >>shepard: thank you, jonathan hunt. thank you very much. joining us is a official intelligence officer for the defense secretary's office, mike
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barrett, currently c.e.o. of a consulting firm in washington, dc. president morsi of egypt had a little bit for everyone. some condemnation of us. some condemnation for the civil war. also, words for iran. what did you think? >>guest: it is important we in the west understand this issue about freedom of speech. this is an important thing. it will come back. we saw with the cartoons a few years ago, a notion there are things you cannot do. we in the west have freedoms but that is not the reality on the arab street. with morsi, what we are seeing is a reflection of what that part of the world feels like. we have to figure out how to deal with it. it is a reality in foreign policy we will have to deal with post arab spring. >>shepard: i read a couple of articles equating it to fire in a crowded theater, making the argument or should not be able to do something under freedom of speech that is absolutely going to insight violence and death.
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whether we get do that point, that is another matter entirely. >>guest: that is the issue. as much as all of us hate and abhor what the iranian president comes over and says, speaking publicly, in our country, saying horrible things, we respect his right to say them. we have to counter them through looking at the facts and refuting the statement he made denying the holocaust and things like that. that is a perfect example of why we believe that free speech has to win out. an irony of the egyptian leader is that he and many members of his organization, the muslim brotherhood, were thrown in prison for decades, because they were doing things like political speech. they want to be able to choose exactly which messages come out. that is the real danger of so-called "democracy" spreading through the middle east in an unorganized fashion. >>shepard: a concern with morsi and his muslim brotherhood, they could have a big impact when the civil war is over next door. >>guest: absolutely.
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a big thing we have seen throughout the region is the sigh anies are taking over in places that were formally ruled by other dictators who were keeping it stable. that is a big problem. it will put more pressure on iran. we could end up in a regional arms race, what will happen to israeli being on the border? that will be a big issue. >>shepard: thank you, mike. >> the presidential candidates battling over ohio now. that state is critical, as we all know, in the path to the white house. president obama and governor romney are holding two campaign events today. with a week to go before early voting, there are signs the governor romney has quite an uphill time in this "new york times" and cbs news poll showing the nominee trailing the president by a full ten points in ohio. that is outside the margin of error. there is a solid majority of ohio voters say they think
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governor romney's policies will benefit the rich. only 9 percent say the middle class will be benefited. less than a third think the policies will treat everyone the same. with president obama, 8 percent say it is helping the rich and the rest divided equally. that is not good for governor romney. this comes after the secretly recorded video of governor romney, saying 47 percent feel they are owed everything by the government and they will never take "responsibility." carl cameron, the campaign dispute as lot of the numbers. >>carl: they do. they point to the fact that real clear politics has five points for an advantage when you average all the polls. the bigger dispute is how most of the public commercial polls are being continue. they argue that the sample, or the personal of democrats in the pool of voters that are
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surveyed, is artificially inflated. in one poll, it assumes that the democratic registration will be nine percentage points higher than republicans and romney campaign says that is not true and would give a bias result in favor of the president. romney campaign will not show us their data and they suggest they have a very different picture of their analysis and they think it will go down to the wire in highway he and a left of battleground states where public polls suggest romney is behind. >>shepard: why don't they show us the data? you would think that would help their cause, right? >>carl: sure. what they do, they explain to folks like me, they believe the samples are skewed for democrats. when you look at the raw data you can see that in most cases there has been an increase of the expected democratic registration larger than what many would argue is probably conceivable given the midterm elections and how close the race has been the last few months.
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it is close. the romney campaign does not dispute that. president obama has an advantage, and they do not dispute that. they say will debates are important and neither side will throw out the best argument, their biggest ammunition, until the debates, four weeks consecutively, in october, unfold. having said that, governor romney today in ohio with three public stops. that is rare for him. he is upping the schedule as he is increasing the rhetoric and escalating attacks on the president. here is a sample from today. listen. >> talk is cheap. you can be extraordinarily eloquent and describe all the wonderful things you can do. when you cut through the words, you can look at the record. when you can see policies that have not created the jobs america needs, you know it is time to choose a new leader, get a new coach, get america growing again.
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>>carl: romney told the crowd they should not expect big tax cuts and there will be a reduction or elimination of a variety of deductions. it is not like there will be a windfall for everyone. he argues he will raise taxes on the wealthy, try to cut taxes for the middle class but there has to be shared sacrifice to do the things necessary to get the budget in order and then spur the economy and start job creation. >>shepard: enormous challenges ahead. thank you. >> cyber attackers are hitting more american banks. wells fargo was a target this time. is a foreign government behind the attacks in is your money safe? we will get into the details on those fronts. new violence in europe's economic crisis. more open latest rounds of riots across europe. the situation is pretty dire. the scene is not pretty. we will get to that next. copies of my acceptance speech. great! it's always good to have a backup plan,
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[ male announcer ] fedex office. romney: "it's time to stand up to the cheaters" vo: tough on china? not mitt romney. when a flood of chinese tires threatened a thousand american jobs... it was president obama who stood up to china and protected american workers. mitt romney attacked obama's decision... said standing up to china was "bad for the nation and our workers."
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how can mitt romney take on the cheaters... when he's taking their side? >>shepard: there has been another series of attacks, cyber
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attacks, on major united states banks. yesterday, wells fargo. this afternoon, u.s. bank corps and pnc national services, the latest if a string of attacks. a high ranking lawmakers is blaming them on iran. all three report customers having trouble accessing their accounts. officials say they are vetting -- investigating and that all personal information is safe. that is a denial of services according to the analysts. that is what it looks like to them, anyway. they do not allow you to access their stuff. they did the same thing to chase and bank of american last week. on friday, senator lieberman said he thinks iran is to blame. he chairs the senate homeland security committee and says he believes the attack are revenge for economic punishment that the west slapped on iran. and now, like to washington, dc, this afternoon. the attacks came after someone post add threat online, right,
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rich? >>reporter: reportedly from unknown hackers as revenge for the antimohammed video they posted on a website that in the previous announcements we stated we will not tolerate insulting exalted character of the prophet of mercy and kindness, due to the insult, we planned and accomplished a series of cyber operations against the credit and financial centers of the countries. they say hackers are using this as a diversion. the group called if attacks on wells fargo and pnc and there are problems with these banks. there is slow service and trouble accessing your account. there is high traffic designed to slow down the site. a spokesman from wells fargo say this has compromised no information and added "significant efforts are in case to ensure our mobile channels
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are available and operational to service our customers' financial needs. we constantly monitor the environment and assess threats and take action as warranted." >>shepard: thank you, rich, from washington, dc. strict budget cuts in greece have had tens of thousands of people rioting in the streets. the violent demonstration is the biggest in many months. cops say those are gasoline bombs that protesters are hurling at officers. riot police responded to the rounds of tear gas. they are angry over budget cuts that the european finance officials demanded in exchange for the multibillion dollar greece bailout. police in phoenix, at home, say a 39-year-old self described filmmaker recorded a video where a teen, his nephew, posed as a terrorist holding what looked like a rocket propelled grenade. here is the video. the kid in the costume is 16.
3:19 pm
the weapon is a fake. the so-called filmmaker shot the video eight days after the colorado movie massacre to see how fast police would react to the teen posing as a terrorist with a weapon. >> as we approached our actor appeared at threatening as possible but went unnoticed. our actor paced the crosswalk to draw as much attention as possible. >>shepard: here weirded out the voice. he say a police officer arrived after 15 minutes. cops tell a different story. they say they arrested this guy, the filmmaker, on suspicion of knowingly given a false impression of a terrorist act, endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. all are felonies. police are recommending charges against the 16-year-old nephew turned actor. >> when people complain of luggage fees and baggage fees, airlines say they need them to make up for high fuel prices but
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>>shepard: airlines are making billions off of our baggage. there is a new report that warns the extra fees are going to get worse. according to the transportation department, airlines pulled in close to $2 billion in luggage fees during the first half of this year. they are not just getting you for checked bags but certain carriers, including spirit, charge for carry on luggage, carry on luggage. in spirit it will be $100 if you
3:24 pm
pay at the gate just to carry your own bag. they ought to carry it for you for that. depending on the airline you could pay more to change your flight. if you want a window or aisle seat, you may have to pay to print your boarding pass at the airport. good grief! the airline folks claim they are trying to cover rising fuel costs and they are not helping with the less competition. only five major airlines handle almost 90 percent of the air traffic in the country. you probably heard there is talk of a merger mean american and us airways which would make it worse for all of us and better for them. >> now, some of the fees we pay are supposed to go to help us with things that keep us safer but they are not using the fees for that. >>guest: you are right. the aviation system was set up in a matter which the users actually paid.
3:25 pm
each time you bought a ticket, part of that price would go into the aviation trust fund which is then used to improve airports, get better runways and improve our air traffic control system. that is true on the ticket tax but the extra fees are not going into the trust fund and the taxpayers are asked to pay for more and more of these things. >>shepard: taxpayers? my god, i hate them. >>guest: the aviation trust fund is plummeting in the amount of money in the account because we do not see as much money going in there. they are finally making money and we do not see a benefit for the taxpayer. >>shepard: they were about to crumble, we worried after 9/11, they barely held on and now they back in the black and isn't it time to act differently? >>guest: the airlines, charge whatever you want. the consumer has the final decision, but, again, the airlines do benefit from the system we have set up. they should be paying for the system they use.
3:26 pm
it is not cheap to put in a new air traffic control system. we are using air traffic control system that calm up in the 50's. we need better runways. we need better airports. it costs money. >>shepard: is there anyone that can say you cannot charge more fees, airlines? >>guest: it is up to the consumer. spirit and some of those guys will see blow back but they have been in the forefront of charging for everything and making money off of it. >>shepard: it is not my place to sit around and disparage people or companies, but has anyone ridden spirit? it is different than the others. >>guest: the larger part of it, i was flying over seas, no bag fees. when you get on the aircrafts no one is stuffing the bags in the
3:27 pm
overhead, it is much more pleasant experience. you board faster. you depart faster. plenty of room in the overhead. >>shepard: what is great is the new ez pass thing with security. if you are a frequent flyer it is terrific. it changed the worm -- world at la guardia. >>guest: someone has to pay for t.s.a. the aviation trust fund should help that. >>shepard: good to talk to you. >> we heard from governor romney and now we will find out what president obama is saying in the campaign trail in ohio. the history books say you have to have ohio. whether it will hold this time, that is another matter. less than six weeks to go until this thing is in the books and we can move on to missing persons. early voting is about to get started in some states. in some states, it has already
3:28 pm
started. we will tell you what it means for presidential campaign. that is coming up at the bottom of the hour. i'm only in my 60's...
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3:32 pm
issue of the debt and the deficit. wendell is live at white house this afternoon. wendell, how big is governor romney's lead on the deficit issue? >>guest: four points. a new poll, after four years of trillion dollar deficits, that may not be ohio voters' most important economic concern given they prefer president obama as governor romney as the candidate who does a better job on the economy. a spokesman said "as time progresses the field is looking like it is narrowing for them. in that sense we would rather be us than them." romney officials accuse the obama camp of spiking the ball on the 30-yard line. press secretary carney said the real question is, what would the replacement refs do if someone spiked the ball on the 30. >>shepard: that is an interesting point. chinese trade practices on the campaign trade today was a talker. >>guest: rather than the auto bailout which is usually the subject in ohio, mitt romney
3:33 pm
says that china's cheating costs jobs. he promised to crackdown on subsidies and currency manipulation. the president has won twice as many trade cases against china in four years, he says, as the predecessor did in eight years. today high accused mitt romney of profiting from companies that sent u.s. jobs to china. >> when you hear this new found outrage, when you see the ads promising to get tough on china, it feels a lot like that fox, we need more secure chicken coops. i mean, it is just not credible. >>guest: he vowed to declare china a currency manipulator but it could spark a trade war that could hurt both countries. >>shepard: thank you, wendell, from the white house. >> ohio is one of several battleground states allowing
3:34 pm
early voting. in iowa, voters can cast their ballot starting saturday. political analysts say early voting usually benefits democrats the most. the reason if the g.o.p. usually get a bigger turn out on election day. with six weeks of voting in some spots, both campaigns are forced to shake up their strategy. now like to washington, dc. i mentioned that the analysts say democrats have an edge. is that still the thinking in early voting? >>reporter: here is what we know. this shifts from one campaign season to the next. president obama wiped out senator john mccain in early voting in 2008. many political analysts think that gap is going to be much tighter this time around. >> republicans are enthused, more so than in 2008. there will be motivation among the republicans to vote. we have a romney campaign that is investing in early voting were more so than the john mccain campaign in 2008.
3:35 pm
>>reporter: they say it is about the enthusiasm gap which the republicans have an edge. >>shepard: is the romney camp doing things different in the way the james holmes campaign did? >>guest: yes, the john mccain had less money. romney campaign has a more targeted approach spending as were time as possible in states where early voting has or is about to start. >> for republicans specifically, that message needs to be crystal clear. that is why governor romney is so specific as he is campaigning. you realize that votes are being cast. >>reporter: before the first debate is held. these are voters that already have made up their mind. >>shepard: there are a lot of people voting early but do the analysts predict what percentage of voting can be early voting? >>reporter: they are pointing to an increase from 20 percent in 2004 to 30 percent in 2008. this time around, they expect 23
3:36 pm
percent of votes to be cast before election day. here is an interesting note, 400,000 early ballots were rejected in 2008 for things like forgetting to sign the ballot or put the right stamp on the envelope. that number could make a real difference this time around in a very tight race. >>shepard: thank you, shannon. good to see you. the showman whose voice spawn add long list of hits including "moon river" has died. andy williams died at home last night after a year long battle with bladder cancer. ♪ noon river ♪ wider than a mile ♪ i'm crossing you in style ♪ some day >>shepard: president obama called his voice a national treasure that earned 18 gold
3:37 pm
records and three platinum albums. andy williams host the his own tv variety show in the 60's along with popular holiday specials well into the 1990's. andy williams was 84 years old. trace is live in los angeles. this was the 75th year in show business. man! >>trace: 75 years. he began singing with his brothers at the age of seven the when he was nine, they had songs on the radio. he struck out on his own in the early 50's but almost packed it in because he was broke. he got a job, finally, on a brand new late night program called "the tonight show," then hosted by steve allen leading to his own show on nbc and a record contract. a few years ago he talked about the friends from elvis to bobby kennedy. he told sean hannity, one time bobby kennedy asked him to be a delegate. >> he asked if i would be a
3:38 pm
death from the conference from california saying i have surely mcclain and i called a couple weeks later, i cannot do this. he said why not? i said i am a republican. >>trace: "moon river," was originally in the movie "breakfast at tiffany." it is questionable which is more famous, that song "moon river," or his christmas specials. he actually founded the osmond brothers, by the way. he spoke a few years ago how the specials were as important to his family as they were to ours. listen. i got a weekly she. when you have a weekly show christmas comes around so you do a christmas show. my children were young and i used them on the show.
3:39 pm
>>trace: he started his "moon river" theater in been son in 1992. it was open for 20 years. he was there in november when he announced he had bladder cancer and said it was not a death sentence. but he stopped taking treatment for cancer in july. we are told he passed away peacefully last night in branson, missouri. you can remember the christmas specials that everyone's family would gather. they were events to get in front of and listen to andy williams and the celebrities every year. that went on for more than two decade after the show ended. >>shepard: those were good times trace. >>trace: great times. >>shepard: the fancy phone you just bought? paying for it is just the beginning. families can spend thousands a year to keep the devices connected. next, how cell phone bills are really eating away at household budgets. military experts say an alarming
3:40 pm
number of young people are not able to get in the military because they are too damned fat. why do these high schoolers make a video complaining they don't get enough to eat? that is coming up. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation, not quite knowing what the next phase was going to be, you know, because you been, you know, this is what you had been doing. you know, working, working, working, working, working, working. and now you're talking about, well you know, i won't be, and i get the chance to spend more time with my wife and my kids. it's my world. that's my world. ♪
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>>shepard: there is word the nfl and the regular referees could be place to a deal. may be. the two sides pulled an all nighter to try to resolve the labor dispute over pay and benefits. it comes after the debacle that is the nfl. the league admit add blown call cost the green bay packer as win on monday night. sorry, green bay. too bad. cost you a win. sorry. have a nice day. move along. nothing to see here. happened after a weekend of questionable calls and admitted mistakes. a deal could mean the regular ref could be on the field this
3:44 pm
weekend. if that happens, the replacement would officiate tomorrow's game define the browns and theory veterans. congratulations to all of you. the nfl is cracking down on two more coaches for berating the struggling officials. the patriots coach belichick had to pay $50,000 fine for that outburst after he grabbed the ref. he had questions of the ravens game winning field goal. and the redskins assistant coach got a $25,000 fine for what league called "abuse of officials." i tell you who abused the officials. you know who abuses the officials? the people who hired the officials and put them in jobs they cannot do over a few dollars over a league worth billions. gross. gross. talk ain't cheap. near is mobile e-mail and web browsing. the labor department reports spending on phone services went up 4 percent last year. that is the fattest rate in
3:45 pm
seven years. the "wall street journal", which is owned by the parent company of this network, reports families using multiple smartphones are spending thousands a year, in some cases $4,000 a year, cutting back on clotheses and food eating out. i told you the parent company owns the "wall street journal" and the assistant managing editor is with us. who would think this percent of family budget would be spent on the freakin' phone. >>guest: our reporter has this on the web. is it a glass half full or half empty? you are paying a lot more for the services. think of the services you get on your cell phone. nine of ten american adults have cell phone and roughly half have iphone-like devices. you get streaming video. you cruise the web. you mayor bills. you are doing your banking on your phone now.
3:46 pm
it is an incredible product. it is costing a lot. >>shepard: families will have to consolidate. i know there are family plans but the data usage charges are high. >>guest: telephone companies are saying the faster we get the more rest now we will get. the new networks coming out now will increase speed and people get addicted to that. we want a quick web experience so we have a bruceer -- browser and a network that is fast, we pay for it. the service providers are seeing their revenue go up by billions, $37 billion between 2007 and 2011. this will increase afternoon $50 billion the next five years. why? because there be more iphone-like devices out there, cell phones that have the capability to do multiple functions. there will be more in a single household. >>shepard: a lot of money.
3:47 pm
i suppose there is a lot tug of war about to happen for customers. >>guest: you would hope. that will be the competition that drives down some of the price on not just the phone but on the services, as well. the consumers will have to count on that. in the meantime, they are paying more but they are getting a lot more than they used to and they are getting rid of their land lines. how many people do you know just have cell phone because they don't use the land line. >>shepard: easier to count the number of people that have land lines than those that don't. >> growing uproar over new menus coming to public schools across the country. the feds are trying to cut down on childhood obesity with calorie limits for school lunches. 650 calories for elementary school students. 850 calories for high school students. if they gave me 850 calories as a junior in high school i would be the size of a number two pencil. though would be under the jail.
3:48 pm
critics say that is not enough calories for some especially for athletes who burn thousands of calories or those that run their mouth too much. like me. some republicans have introduce add "no kids hungry act." it bans calorie limits. look at this youtube rid joe. ♪ i need some food today ♪ my friends are getting junk at the corner store ♪ ♪ so we don't waste away >>shepard: the menu changes come. studies show childhood obesity is growing out-of-control. there is a report that suggests it could be hurting the military because so many kids are too fat to get in the military. mike is in the midwest news hundred in chicago.
3:49 pm
kids are not happy with lunch. this is brand new stuff. >>guest: it is a push back to the effort championed by first lady michelle obama that became the healthy hunger-free kids act of 2010. it caps the school lunches at 850 calories. the old minimum used to be 825 calories. the protests started. you mentioned the video made by students in kansas. it is entertaining. it shows the students exhausted and passing out. the active kids are not getting enough. by 1:30 or 2:00 they end up hungry and they go for the junk food. we talked with our medical "a" team and he said as long as there have been school lunches kids have complained about the almosts. >> it is good they express themselves. the expression is teaching them a lesson about the importance of food and what it means for their
3:50 pm
lives. i think you have to take it by individual case. parents should get involved. if a child feels hungry in school, a discussion has to be made and a good healthy choice can be introduceed. >>reporter: you are talking about federal regulation that paints with a broad brush and puts the athlete and the active students in the same category as the inactive students. for their part, the school board out there says the students do have the option to load as many fruits and vegetables on their plate as they see fit or they can buy more food. >>shepard: mike, thank you from chicago. >> another state is closer to putting self driving cars on the road. the co-founder of google says the automatic cars are far safer than regular cars. wait until you hear when he predicts every day folks like you and me will be driving the cars or at least sitting in them while though do the driving. cars driving themselves on the long island expressway. would the cars know that the
3:51 pm
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>>shepard: california is the latest state to clear the way for driverless cars, creating regulations for testing and operating self driving vehicles. nevada and florida have passed similar laws. google executives say these vehicles will be a relates for ordinary people in five years. we have a features editor for an automotive website. just get out of the way, how will the cars know the left lane
3:55 pm
is the slow lane on the long island expressway the how do they work with regular people? >>guest: well, the idea is if you don't let regular people drive things go more smoothly. >>shepard: that sounds true, especially with teenagers. how do you stop that? it will not happen overnight. >>guest: well, it will not happen overnight. that mix of cars and drive driven cars present as rough transition from now until the future. >>shepard: how does that car know the patterns of other cars? there are probably a lot computers in there. >>guest: tons of computers. sensors all over. recognition of where lane boundaries are, how close they are to the car if front, how close the car behind them is, all doing monitoring all the time. >>shepard: will it understand if this car is 60 and this car is 62, you have to gun to get to the right real fast.
3:56 pm
>>guest: you need a special program for that. >>shepard: those skills are very important. my car is not aggressive you could never work 6th avenue in new york. do you thing they could work in a city like new york or san francisco or boston? >>guest: theoretically if they have sensors and they have the built in mapping they can read where they are and know how to behave. >>shepard: good luck sensorring a new york city cab. social security. man 1: i want facts. straight talk. tell me your plan... and what it means for me. woman 2: i'm tired of the negative ads and political spin. that won't help me decide. man 2: i earned my medicare and social security. and i deserve some answers. anncr: where do the candidates stand on issues that... affe seniors today and in the future? find out with the aarp voters' guide at
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>>shepard: before we wrap it up, 18-year-old anthony reynolds pleaded guilt whys to carjacking charges in new york, new jersey. the prosecution says he had a simple plan early this year. carjack a nice ride and get away before the cops come. police say he spot add man driving a porsche and forced the guy out of the car at gunpoint. the own errand away and found a police officer. reynolds came to


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